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On-Screen Advertising


$185 + GST/1 week

$629 + GST/4 weeks (15% discount!)

$3,330 + GST/24 weeks (25% discount!)


Ad Info

Ads are:

  • Displayed on 6 auditoriums and 3 large displays in the lobby
  • Displayed a minimum of eight times a day in each auditorium
  • Displayed in the lobby all day

In addition, ads:

  • Run on a Friday to Thursday weekly rotation
  • Can be created as still slides (or multi-slide collages) in Microsoft PowerPoint or they can be video files in MP4 or WMV format (note, audio is available for the video ads in the auditoriums only)
  • Are limited to 30 seconds (for slides/images and videos)
  • May be changed once every two weeks if changes are sent in a week ahead
  • May be created by Carnival Cinemas for $175.00 per ad (conditions apply)
  • Must be prepared to our specifications if you create the ad yourself
  • Ad specifications will be sent once contract is signed

Ads were seen by nearly 165,000 customers in 2015. Ad specifications will be sent to you once the contract is signed.


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